19. April 2023

The recipe for the event 2.0

TV show "Le Cuisinier d’OR" and other
ways to make corporate customers shine

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With courage and foresight, KADI worked with us to develop the renowned "Le Cuisinier d’OR" cooking competition into a media-effective hybrid format with an entertaining public TV show. We shed light on the challenges for existing event formats and the benefits of new ideas.

The first semi-final episodes of le Cuisinier d’OR 2023 are live - an exciting project with a showcase character. Le Cuisinier d’OR has been around for a long time: In 1991, the French fries champion KADI started a success story with the prestigious cooking competition that has no equal in Switzerland. The fact that modernization and further development are always faithful companions can be seen in the changing formats alone over the years: started in a cooking school in Montreux, the first live event took place 15 years later in the Kursaal in Bern. The semi-final celebrated its live premiere in front of a broad public in 2015 at the Glattzentrum, until the first purely digital broadcast finally ran on Blick TV in 2021 due to pandemics. For the joint project launch in early 2022, we analyze the status quo and challenges with KADI. 

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Current challenges of corporate event formats  


  • Developing existing event formats digitally in the story-loaded daily routine 
  • Finding the right digital channel and the right form for this purpose 
  • Arouse excitement and interest with staging and dramaturgy, and this over a longer period of time up to a campaign 
  • Reach an enlarged target group, live and recorded
  • Generate communicative added value beyond the event itself

Similar to KADI, many customers with their own corporate event formats want to - and have to - react to the new circumstances. This is where we at F/E come in.  

Hybrid-Event mit Online-TV-Show

Le Cuisinier d’OR has always adapted - the KADI team is now taking the next step with us. Together, we are developing an event concept around a partly recorded, partly live hybrid format to combine the newfound awareness of Blick TV's presence with the much-missed thrill of performing in front of a live audience. We are intensifying our collaboration with Blick TV and weaving KADI's annual communications and positioning into the construct of the Culinary Arts Championship. Because even at the birth of the concept, we think about its longevity: How can our clients generate digital content from a live event with viewers that can be used for months afterwards?

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Comprehensive benefits of the new hybrid concept


  • Create tangible emotions
  • Playing the message longer in communication
  • Enable physical networking on site at the final
  • Experience the excitement at home during the staggered semifinal episodes
  • Generate unbeatable professional content for months of post-event use
  • Position your own brand on and offline 


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