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Dramaturgy kisses digital.


From live to

Come with us on the journey to Event 2.0. With immersive events, we combine live and digital and lead conventional events into the digital future. We engage the audience physically and digitally on a human level and offer experiences for all the senses with technical finesse.


The experience
is the goal


Creative workshop event 2.0

Mystery shopping at F/E – there are surprising ideas slumbering in
all of us. We tease them out of existing event formats and let hidden potential come to the surface. What do you have to lose from a creative workshop?


Digital & hybrid event

Bringing people together, no matter where you are. Hybrid or digital, either will succeed more with more people. We make sure they stay tuned.
Experience on screen, interact instead of just consume,
and stay attentive – we pave the way with our own technology, the right
technology, the right direction and well thought-out event design.


Event concept & implementation

We find the right story and the core idea, then refine and expand it into to a strict event concept. We think ahead, we are the director, the producer, the location scout and the organizer in one and bring every location to life during the implementation. The complete service, from A to Z.


Event communication

We combine things that have belonged together in theory for a long time: events as emotional anchors and ongoing communication with concise content as a regular companion. In this way, marketing, communication and event management from a single source will convert your customers into fans.


Event content

We find out what you have to say and convey this message to your visitor. We include wow moments in the opener and closer and weave them into speeches, animations and interviews. Whether outside in the rain or inside in a fully equipped LEDTV studio, we create effective content for you and feel at home in any setting.


Event design

Events of any size and format have the potential to become unforgettable. With clever event design, we anchor your message into the guests’ subconscious. The interplay of lighting, scene design, fittings and graphic concept gives the event a unique effect – live, on site and in colour.


Where new
events and

THE HALL in Stettbach near Zurich is our home base. It is a modern high-tech hall with its own gourmet catering and a digital starting point for broadcasting to the world, with its own TV studio. The large hall with permanently installed TV technology for plug & play, a loft and a stylish lounge including LED studio opens up almost boundless possibilities for get-togethers – from concepts with a few hundred to more than 5,000 guests. THE HALL is perfect for general meetings, concerts, Christmas parties and other corporate events of all kinds and comes up trumps with excellent transport connections and excellent in-house catering. All rooms are well-equipped technically, seamlessly networked and ideal for digital distribution, THE HALL also offers companies and event organisers a flexible and attractive roof for immersive events and also the largest TV studio for corporate customers - the «Leutschenbach for companies», so to speak.

HALL Tribüne Visualization 3840 X 2160 Kopie

Broadcast yourself und ruf uns an!


This is what we
have set up

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