SOB Dabu Hikes Copyright: Steve Wenger1SOB Dabu Hikes Copyright: Steve Wenger1SOB Dabu Hikes Copyright: Steve Wenger1

01. November 2023

On the Voralpen-Express
to Colorful Autumn Delights

The autumn campaign shines with celebrity fans,
scenic route highlights and competitions.

Discovering Autumn Hits with the Voralpen-Express, Dabu Fantastic explores the most beautiful hiking trails between Central and Eastern Switzerland in the company of prominent figures. And besides fantastic prizes and inspiring excursions, there's also a podcast.

A unique adventure in the Swiss Alps – that’s the result of the creative collaboration between our agency and the Swiss South Eastern Railway (SOB). As part of this project, we are launching a captivating podcast series titled "Dabu Hikes – Adventures on Rails and Hikes." Our mission: showcase the beauty of the Swiss landscape along the Voralpen-Express and promote the advantageous autumn hit.

Photos: Steve Wegner

Dabu Fantastic & Nik Hartmann hike in the rain

The main figure of the autumn campaign is the talented musician, Dabu Fantastic. For the first episode, he takes the well-known TV presenter Nik Hartmann, along with his dog Oshkosh. on a rainy hike through the picturesque mountain landscape around the Mythen. They are connected not only by a passion for music but also by enthusiasm for hiking in their homeland – making them the ideal companions and ambassadors for SOB.

This unique adventure, full of inspiring conversations and small magical moments, is presented in the exclusive SOB podcast series. He takes you on a fascinating journey through the Swiss foothills. From the ride on the Voralpen-Express to the hike to the finale, the visit to the mountain hut, this three-part audio experience offers humorous, personal and surprising insights.


Cubes on the trail, forest and meadow

The "Cube Idea" is an innovative way to engage potential ticket buyers. At twelve selected locations along the Voralpen-Express route, a box with various autumnal fillings await. Now estimation skills come into play as participants are asked to determine the amount of content in the cubes. The number of pinecones leaves or chestnuts in the boxes can be easily entered on the landing page - with a chance to win special prizes. This creative idea not only adds an element of adventure to the excursions, but also builds anticipation for the fall hiking vacation in Switzerland.


Wanderlust, you are awakened.

Autumn hit, you are booked.

Hiking trails, here we come.

All aboard for a colorful fall delight.


cubes filled with fall goodies draw partners into the campaign.