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We rise.
By lifting you.

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Personality wins.
Every time.

Forget everything you’ve been told. We’re not looking for the best. We’re looking for something different. Those who have the power to imagine. Not those with the most experience. Those who are honest. Not the ones who are experts at selling themselves. The diamonds in the rough. Not the polished ones. We’re looking for people to help us shape our culture. Not the ones who just chime in after others. Personality wins. Every time. We can’t wait to meet you!


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A place of inspiration

Baden, you beauty! The Romans once bathed like gods in your waters. You haven't been the one and only wellness destination for a long. But you’re surfacing again. With more self-confidence than ever. And so you should! Because we know we’re lucky to have you, our cradle of inspiration. The place where everything began. And where good ideas continue to flow as they did back then.


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Our stunning neighbour

Düsseldorf, you darling! When it comes to art and fashion, you’re up there with Paris, New York and Tokyo. The problem is that no-one knows it. But that’s never bothered you. And that’s what we’ve always liked about you. Every time we see the Rhine Tower on the horizon, we fall in love all over again.



Our gateway to the world

Zurich, you party animal! It’s always been the same story – while others talk about things, you speak of dreams and experiences. But your sentimental side is becoming more digital. Your way of life? Always hip, loud and bright. And always moving forward, never backward. But there’s another cool thing about you. You’ve always felt attracted to people doing great things on this earth. And that’s what we love about you.