Effective award event,
that only knows winners

Our task

Event with long impact in a short time

At the Randstad Award Event, the most attractive employers in Switzerland are chosen each year. At an award that evaluates the external perception of companies, Randstad itself - the organizer - should also present itself effectively and in the best light. So with this goal in mind, we came on board with the preparations for the appearance of the established personnel service provider. Pragmatically, structured and without wasting time, we successfully rocked the event boat and guided it into the safe harbor with fireworks. An intensive and close collaboration in which professional talent scouts found in us the right people for the job.

Drama, animation & highlights from a single source

We started in the middle and asked ourselves the one question: How do we send the event on track to be an experience? Of course with drama and a plan! Together with Randstad, we worked out and crystallized the content and essence of the event and thus refined the dramaturgy. Our in-house FE Motion director Samuel Röthlisberger captured the essence and then staged it live with his usual thrilling commitment. Our support with the content culminated in the implementation of the design: in the presentation of the study, figures and results were transformed into animations that resonated with the attentive audience to match the music.

Our quick and correct understanding of the client's needs and corporate identity made us and our horizontal and vertical offering the perfect partner and match.


Points turn into companies

The good reputation and attentive listeners

The secret winner of the Randstad Awards is reputation. A factor that has gained the most importance over the years and is considered a major door opener for new talent. The findings and results were brought home to the guests with lively presentations and specially composed music, triggering lively exchanges. Surprising and unexpected developments as well as current trends were discussed in an exciting panel discussion. And Randstad itself? It made a precision landing in all categories and is happy about an external impact as big as never before. This is how Blick reports about the award Blick:

«Thank you very much for the huge effort at the Randstad Award Event. With your know-how and creativity, you contributed to a successful event and gave us all a lot of pleasure. For that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.»

Katja Steiner, Marketing Business Partner, Projects & Campaigns