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This is how KADI's culinary arts championship is polished up

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Our task

Haute cuisine
of the hybrid event

Launched by KADI more than 30 years ago, le Cuisinier d’OR is Switzerland's largest and most established live cooking event, where the country's best chefs compete against each other. After the first, successful digital implementation due to the pandemic, the 2023 concept is building on this and evolving into a hybrid event. To ensure that nothing goes wrong and that the hybrid implementation at the location succeeds perfectly, we tie on our apron and serve up the event 2.0: We are responsible for the conceptualization, execution and post-production for the broadcast of the hybrid semi-final. We are also responsible for the overall implementation of the live-streamed final broadcast with audience

Planning and Mise-en-Place

Long before the hybrid semi-final takes place in Trafo Baden in 2023, planning begins with KADI. Together, we develop an event concept around a partly recorded, partly live hybrid format. In doing so, we combine the 2021 awareness of the Blick TV presence with the longed-for thrill of performing in front of a live audience. The entire preparation, conception, scenography, scheduling, and in advance the elaboration of the idea with the client are firmly part of our part. Professionally and with everything in mind, we hold regular meetings with the client. Our technical partners for the later scenography and the installation of the eight kitchens in the Trafo are always involved. Everything is ready for the hybrid event, which will remain live, streamed and long beyond.


Tons of technical material for the semi-final shooting

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We serve: 10 episodes

At Trafo Baden, we take care of the entire set-up, filming and editing: From the recordings, we produce the ten episodes that are streamed on Blick TV and the client's website before the final in June. From the live show recording to the 10th episode, we develop a clever workflow and build an efficient post-production pipeline.

Finally served

We are also preparing the concept, scenography, stage construction, technical facilities and TV production for the final, which will be held with an audience in the Kursaal Bern on June 5, 2023 and broadcast live on Blick TV. Around 1200 invited guests from the gastronomy and culinary industry will be able to watch the five finalists, while thousands more will follow along on their screens. For the final, around 100 people are on duty in front of and behind the camera to support the set-up and dismantling of the five cooking stations and the digital concept, while a team of video, sound and technical specialists is responsible for the smooth running of the event.

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«At the Golden Chef, the highest quality is important to us. At the same time, we rely on partners with the same demands and values. With the F/E, we were able to further develop le Cuisinier d’OR in terms of quality.»

Sarah Hunziker, strategic direction le Cuisinier d’OR