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Employer Branding

A strong employer brand is a winner.

Employer Branding

Show us your culture

We carry people in our hearts – and that is how we work, too. We make culture and values visible. Only a strong employer brand can respond to the dominant employee market and lead to measurable success with reduced staff fluctuation and lower recruitment costs. Attracting talent, retaining employees and being perceived as an attractive, likeable employer – it’s all a matter of serious and consistent employer branding.


making culture visible


Health Check

An apple a day is okay, but check-ups are important too. Together, we analyse your employer brand for consistency, quality and impact. This forms a broad basis for well-founded employer branding.


Employer Value Proposition

What employees do we need to achieve our goals? What can we offer the people we are looking for, what can they expect? What makes up the employer brand and connects employees with it is what we work out together and formulate in the employer value proposition.


Brand Design & Storytelling

Based on the corporate branding, we develop a specific image as an employer that best reflects its values and culture. To this end, we define our own imagery, language and story and use them to create a likeable, easy to recognise face for the employer.


Employee Journey

In a well thought-out employee journey, every single touchpoint is an opportunity to demonstrate character. We implement measures for every touchpoint, from the careers page to birthday gifts to honest and appreciative rejection letters.


Social Recruiting

We reach your target groups with highly efficient targeting and retargeting with the right arguments at the right place and the right time. Our success proves we get things right: we find the right candidates faster and thus save HR resources and money.


lower salary costs

Measurable, noticeable.

With a strong employer brand, companies pay 10% less for their employees' wages. (Source: Randstad Employer brand research 2019 & 2020)

Time is money

Companies can fill their advertised positions twice as quickly with conscious and consistent employer branding. (Source: Randstad Employerbrand research 2019 & 2020)


faster recruiting

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