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20. April 2023

Culinary art competition
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Le Cuisinier d’OR: Classics in a new TV format

Event 2.0: Beispiel Le Cuisinier d’OR read more

(Header photo ©Jonas Weibel)

The first semi-final episodes of the 2023 Culinary Arts Championship "Le Cuisinier d’OR" are now live on Blick TV. We designed the TV show in a hybrid format and, together with organizer KADI, showed how corporate clients can meet new event challenges.

Another new cooking show? Not really, after all "Le Cuisinier d’OR" was already launched in 1991 by French fries great KADI. In Switzerland's biggest and most established live cooking event, 8 of the country's top chefs compete and do it in 2023 as a TV show in a time-shifted hybrid format: recording with a live audience in January, time-shifted broadcast on Blick TV in April. We are responsible for conceptualizing the event, directing and producing the 10 semi-final episodes now being broadcast - and will also make sure nothing goes wrong in the live finale in June.

Hungry for more details? Voilà: 

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(photo above ©Jonas Weibel)

Challenges and opportunities for corporate events

The hybrid event reaches a larger target group and arouses excitement and interest. However, it is also a reaction to new realities that many corporate clients and event planners encountered during the pandemic at the latest. "Our agile environment forces us to think and act faster," confirms Sarah Hunziker, marketing manager at KADI and strategic director le Cuisinier d’OR. That's why we rethink every event project as a whole and look for the optimal radiance for the future in immersive formats. Under the motto Event 2.0, together with KADI we are also mastering the new challenges for this established cooking competition in a multi-layered way. What the ingredients for the Event 2.0 menu are, we go into in this article:

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(photo above ©Jonas Weibel)

A result that tastes good to everyone

Hunziker describes our partnership as a real stroke of luck, "to be able to implement a sensational staging of le Cuisinier d’OR in the future as well." That goes down like oil.

So the existing hybrid format will continue to evolve, with the focus remaining on the culinary art and craft of the top chefs - but it will come across as more entertaining and crowd-pleasing than ever, thanks to channel-specific staging, dramaturgy and cliffhangers.

Who likes seconds to the proceedings? An extra serving can be scooped up here: 

Pre-cooked for the final

We were responsible for the concept and pre-productions, planned and implemented the semi-final recording in the Trafo Baden and took over the production of all TV shows. The first semi-final episodes can be seen live on Blick TV from April 20. The finale on June 5 in the Kursaal in Bern will live up to the excitement and be held on location with around 1200 invited guests - and of course streamed live.

Work up an appetite? Click here to watch the first 10 episodes: