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By thinking outside of the box, we can discover valuable hidden elements, improve the tried and tested, and use this to create overarching strategies from a single source. We not only design the most diverse online and offline touchpoints, but also connect them across different media, including events. We are so creative that our marketing campaigns do not run on empty, they support your goal in its very essence.


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Campaign conception

A successful concept is like a symphony: perfectly orchestrated. We always choose the best, not the most obvious instruments so the idea and the message ensure a harmonious interplay across all channels until the live event.



With multichannel strategies, we cleverly play on different channels and build awareness over a long period of time. We actively maintain national campaigns on and offline, constantly improving them through touchpoint-oriented branding.


Digital campaigns

We focus on maximum target achievement. Where others improve, we optimise. More specific, more precise, more motivated. Because measurable performance counts.


Promotion & partnerships

Unconventional solutions, with a cherry on top – we are networking masters and we bring the right partners together. We create life-size mobile games and let musicians write songs for our brands.


POS & trade fairs

Hello, handsome! We bring a wow factor to every POS and integrate live performance into your marketing journey.



We accompany 5 national campaigns for the 3 tourist lines of the Schweizerische Südostbahn AG every year, from the concept to the design to production of 241 online and offline assets per campaign and 964 in total.

Lead generation at its best: we exceeded the cost per acquisition benchmark of our customer AMAG Retail by 70% in the VW ID and Buzz pre-sales campaign through specific optimisation and playout.


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