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New dimension for the corporate world.

TV Studio

What a

We operate the largest TV studio in Switzerland. In the studio in THE HALL, which is equipped with broadcast technology, we produce professional and individual live and digital formats as well as live streams for corporate pioneers. With reusable backdrops, the LED walls offer a lively, impressive, high-quality show – even with up to 300 spectators on site. Best of all, while your guests are enjoying the event, you’re producing new content for your annual communications. That’s producing and consuming — prosuming – at its best.


So much more than
a TV screen


Corporate TV concepts

Upgrade your event format to a TV format. Whether it’s an annual conference, a monthly meeting or a weekly status report, with a well thought-out TV concept you can raise your event to a new level in terms of quality. We plan, digitise and produce concise content in the studio in focussed sessions that achieve a lot of impact with little effort – over and over again.


Event & broadcast design

We develop the entire look and feel and create a screen design from it that can be used again and again. The LEDs in our studio do not require lots of materials or fittings, everything is already there. The digitised backdrop allows for customisation at the click of a finger, so the design is easily retrievable at any time.


(Live) Streaming

Let us design your setting once and then simply reactivate it. Let us broadcast your conference (live) and stream it to the world. Let us integrate and fascinate your audience on a number of levels. We have the technical equipment so that directors and attendees from all over the world can talk live.


TV show with live audience

A live audience adds a new dimension to any event, creating a unique energy and atmosphere. And to add extra zing, there is room for up to 300 spectators in our TV studio. For formats that benefit from the buoyant atmosphere of the live audience.


Pre & Post Production

The event time when it all happens. But nothing happens without preparation. Pre-produced, prepared content is the basis of every event. And if you forget the follow-up, you waste valuable content for further communication. We think of all the steps. And we implement them ourselves.


Content production

The possibilities are endless: from e-learning videos and social snippets through film locations, interviews and story formats to CEO talks, all in the highest quality, vivid, long-term and usable on all channels. We can build your dream digital location, quickly change the mood and ensure recognition from your audience.

Next Level
Content Creation

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