Hörmann Sales Conference

The doors to the world

Our assignment

Flawless, both live and digital

The specialist for doors, gates, door frames and opener systems held its sales conference – in the dynamic setting of the Lauberhorn downhill ski course. Broadcast directly from an LED-lit studio, it was a smooth run all the way, with FE Motion guiding the participants from the starting blocks to the final ramp as part of an interactive package. The slick setup included sales representatives from all over the world being streamed via the in-studio screens. And so we hit the ground running and brought the door specialist into people’s homes – with a live appearance from Didier Cuche into the bargain.

From entrance to exit

We supply the keys to the success of the Hörmann sales conference from a single source. Concept, script and project management form the basis. Design and animation convey the brand. Direction and recording management ensure emotions. And the broadcast from our own TV studio radiates the overall experience to the world. 

Hoermann VV22 0720Hoermann VV22 0720

Millions of LEDs for the right WOW moment

A studio, three locations and guests from all over

Hörmann chose the Lauberhorn downhill ski course as the place to celebrate its milestones over the past business year. There were three digital locations that tapped into the spirit of winter sport, sharp turns and big jumps: the course itself for live action and dry runs, a TV sports studio ideally equipped for the event’s presenters, and a cosy chalet for hobnobbing with guests. In the LED-lit studio, FE Motion produced a flawless interactive stream with presenters, speakers and ample pre-prepared video material.

Hello and welcome to our international, interactive public!

Over two days, partners on location presented products and promotions along with figures and status reports to a large audience of sales representatives.
The presentations included segments that jumped seamlessly to live streams in China, Dubai, Italy and Mexico, and there was even a special guest in the form of downhill skier and Lauberhorn fan Didier Cuche. The event was made even more interactive thanks to a second TV studio overseen by an editorial team, which adroitly incorporated questions from the audience into the livestream. The in-studio screen displayed insights and impressions from all over the world, leaving a lasting impression for the attendees and turning the digital event into a real-life experience that is sure to linger long in the memory.

Beatrice Blum sent us a message after the event: “Sämy, we won’t forget the team and THE HALL. We’re looking forward to the next event.” So are we, Beatrice. Being unforgettable is what we’re all about.

Hoermann VV22 0777

“Hörmann Schweiz AG prioritises quality, innovation, respect and dedication. These are all attributes on which F/E Motion can pride itself, too. This is exactly why we work so well together and turn events into emotionally charged experiences. Our annual sales conference for our sales reps was a prime example of this.”

Beatrice Blum, Assistant to the CEO & Head of Services