15. February 2023

Bittersweet greetings with a pinch of salt

Snacking and scrubbing into the new year

We put this year's holiday and New Year's wishes together into a fine little package and sent it on its way to customers, friends and F/Emily. Our simple but cheerful, thoughtful and playful mailing brought not only holiday greetings, but also a few lucky people a sweet extra gift.

We look back on 2022. And in doing so, we deal with a wide variety of thoughts and feelings. Yes, how was it, around the creative customer projects, the attack on Ukraine, our anniversary event, the end of the Corona measures, the economic crisis? Somehow we were floating on fluffy cream in 2022, biting into bittersweet cocoa beans, many a coarse grain of salt crunching in the gears and distorting our pretty faces unfiltered. Without further ado, we let all this merge into one letter...


Feinachten 2022 Insight FE 1

Feinachten 2022 Insight FE 2

… coated with a noble chocolate.

It's true: chocolate says it all. Our message is conveyed particularly well by a laflor bar. The Zurich-based manufacture has conjured up a creation that transforms bittersweet, sailboat-transported Colombian 69% cacao with a hint of sea breeze with a pinch of Swiss fleur de sel from Vaud into a delicious composition - which, funnily enough, tastes just like our year.


Chances to win the jackpot

Even though we are convinced that life consists of small moments of luck and the odd jackpot, we also send out 504 chances to win. So before the coming days of good intentions, a bit of gambling seems appropriate, which is why we integrate scratch fields into the letter. These squares are a game and an oracle at the same time, as they predict how the coming year will turn out. In the case of 3 x 3 equals, it will be sinfully sweet at first, because the triple in the scratch game means an extra load of chocolate.


A whole 27 lucky winners have contacted us so far - including proof photo. We hope you and everyone else enjoyed our Christmas greeting and the year started and is going bombastically, unique or wonderful.


«Dear F/Emily, Thank you very much for the sweet and salty surprise. Has tasted super delicious 😉 Sunny greetings» –Ralf

«Dear F/Emily, A bittersweet surprise was waiting for me after my Christmas vacations in Herisau. That the year 2023 will be bombastic. You are a cool crew! Love greetings» –Saskia

«Dear F/Emily, Thank you very much for your sweet and original New Year's greetings - I was very pleased! You do SUPER and have met with the dark chocolate exactly my taste - congrats! And to prove that luck was with me, I've attached a picture of my terrific scratch success 😉 Here's to a unique year - it's a gift to be on the road with you! Love greetings» – Vladi

«Hoi zämä! Thank you for this unique greeting card and the "feini Schoggi"! I also wish you a grand and unique 2023 with as many sweet as salty moments :)» – Patrick

Feinachten 2022 Insight FE Teamfoto V2 2

Let us be the seasoning, the salt that does harmony and good without compromise, especially in bittersweet times.

Many things are out of our hands - but chocolate does. It is in the small things that great joys are found, and finding them is what we wish for everyone.