An art event for the 170th anniversary

Our task

Taken into the past on site

Aquilino Maestrani was one of the founder fathers of chocolate culture in 1852. 170 years later, we look to the future from an artistic point of view - to a sensational live art action and unconventionally redesigned historic Maestrani posters. So, a new artwork teaches that chocolate inspires empowerment and inner values make you strong. Strong, right?

Live - spontaneous and planned

St. Gallen is Maestrani's home and the action for the region underlines this regional connection. 9 young artists and their stork stands surprised both the invited event guests and passers-by in the middle of the city. In this way, live visitors become an active part of the action and at the same time witnesses to an inspiring company that is not afraid to celebrate an anniversary and at the same time break new ground.


Students took part on the art action

Maestrani 3 (1)
Maestrani 3 (1)

Retelling stories

Based on Maestrani's basic idea around the historical posters, we create a well thought-out event and communication concept that adapts to wishes and new circumstances. We plan the live implementation, accompany the artists before and during the event for exciting content and reproduce the unique posters digitally and analogue as postcards for all visitors of the Chocolarium. The proceeds from the sale of the posters will benefit the artists themselves and the art scene in Eastern Switzerland. And all measures lead to one central goal: to continue telling Maestrani's exciting story through its own channels and the media:

Maestrani 2 Kopie

«From the first brainstorming session to the last guest farewell, we not only had a lot of fun with the creation and implementation, but also always had great trust in the F/E Motion team. Our ideas were listened to and implemented professionally and in line with the budget. Thank you very much for the uncomplicated cooperation - we would be happy to recommend FE Motion to others!»

Caroline Derungs