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21. November 2022

Everything is getting more expensive

... and other challenges of an organizer.

«Everything is getting more expensive» is the conclusion of the R.I.F.E.L-Studie 2022 regarding the cost development in the event and trade fair sector. Inflations of up to 58% are to be expected and have complex reasons: from the Corona and Ukraine crises to the increased sustainability awareness of consumers. What does this mean for the future of events? Do we have to look gloomily into the future ... or rather at the very big screen? 

FE Motion skillfully meets the challenge of inflation by implementing interactive LiveCom events in our in-house TV studio, cost-efficiently and sustainably.

An in-house TV studio

We digitally recreate complete event worlds and bring them to life in the TV Studio in THE HALL over around 90m2 full of LEDs. This brings with it a whole lot of savings and counteracts increased material costs such as in stage construction, long delivery times for furniture, for example, and increased catering costs.

Lean and effective planning

Even personnel costs, which almost exploded last year due to the loss of employees (R.I.F.E.L study, 2021), can be positively influenced by purely digitally or hybrid produced events. This is because highly digitized events with smaller live audiences simply need fewer employees directly involved in event planning and implementation.

Using events sustainably

We respond to the need for sustainability by using the highly professionally produced content far beyond the event - through the concept of horizontal and vertical events. So that events don't remain isolated highlights, but are seamlessly integrated into the overall marketing and communications planning and provide pre- and post-event enjoyment.

With digital live events in our in-house TV studio, we create the necessary scope for our clients to put on modern and exciting events and trade fairs, even in these challenging times. Our customer Hörmann Schweiz AG has not regretted it.

Let's talk about your event in this unknown setting at a free workshop with us in Stettbach!