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17. September 2023

Architecture of an anniversary

How we built an anniversary party with Hunziker Architects.

When architects celebrate their 30th anniversary, you want it planned with precision, creativity and convincing raw materials. We created an event that harmoniously combines retro, modern and future. For all those who have been on the 30-year journey, those who have stayed on and those who are yet to come.

For 30 years, Hunziker Architekten have been creating places where people feel comfortable and like to stay. Their journey has taken them from station to station, and now it is finally time for a grandiose and festive stopover. The event is a highlight on their journey, where trailblazers come together and celebrate three decades.

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Postcard Greetings from the road

As on any journey, you want to share joy and stay in touch with others. In our digital times, the good old postcard is experiencing a revival. At the architects' anniversary event, we are revisiting the idea of the postcard and make it the central theme of the event. Designed entirely in an architectural style, the stops on the journey are announced using postcard-like motifs and stimulate anticipation and curiosity. The postcard is also the entry ticket to the festival at the Giesserei in Ennetbaden.

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Ready to move in? Celebrating according to plan...

In September, the time has come to open the doors to the joint party at the Giesserei in Ennetbaden. The Indian summer evening starts with an enjoyable aperitif. The finest creations from different continents accompany the cozy evening, as do the atmospheric musical performances. The colorful name tags ensure lively interaction between guests right from the start, leading to informal conversations and new acquaintances.

We owe it to good planning that the evening's program flows as smoothly as the Limmat right next to the venue. We start weeks in advance to find the perfect location, the finest caterer and most reliable technology partner, the most suitable moderation, and the most beautiful decorations. We negotiate prices and ensure that everything is implemented exactly as discussed. With our in-house graphic designers, we create the event design that can be seen on postcards, name badges and digital presentations. We take care of guest management, issue invitations and are responsible for registration. We ensure an entertaining program with exciting content by taking care of the speeches and their visual presentation. With our keen sense of effective dramaturgy, we make deliberate use of entertainment blocks such as band and dance performances. The surprise guest Massimo Rocchi, who makes the guests laugh with his mimicry and speech acrobatics, is particularly popular.


...and indulging in built memories.

The old and new designs are lovingly presented in the form of buildings in large postcard format, with a few words about the background. Who recognizes their home, who remembers this opening ceremony and that ground-breaking event?

Looking back and into the future together, creating new postcard motifs and moments and toasting the 30-year journey - all this comes together on this festive evening.

To put it like a postcard

"The location was cool. The food was very good. The drinks were delicious and the people were incredibly nice - everything was perfect for a celebratory toast."