16. February 2023

The Treno Gottardo is really going strong

Schweizerische Südostbahn AG: A first-class travel company


The Treno Gottardo is the most beautiful connection between north and south, Ticino is always worth a trip, and a year-round campaign for the right hit offer is absolutely promising. WithSchweizerische Südostbahn AG, we traveled in comfortable trains through a year full of variety in 2022 and successfully arrived at our destination in December: 11,111 tickets sold. Sold out!

The most beautiful connection to the sunny region of Switzerland attracts with palm trees and palazzi all year round. The copper-colored "Traverso" train travels from Zurich and Basel over the legendary Gotthard panorama route to Locarno without changing trains, connecting not only north and south, but also enjoyable travel with exciting leisure experiences. Along the route, well-known and hidden treasures of Ticino are waiting to be discovered. A total package that we pack to the hit: From CHF 20 to Ticino and back.

Cross-media with no hold:
The short hit story

The Treno Gottardo Hit includes not only the comfortable outward and return journey, but also a number of attractive partner offers to discover the diversity of the region in the most varied ways. But how can we maintain its appeal for an entire year? By designing a cross-media campaign in three waves together with Schweizerische Südostbahn AG.

The campaign title "Ciao Ticino" with the illustrated visual awakens longing and wanderlust. Selected leisure partners and their offers are intended to satisfy them. And to make it particularly desirable, the hit is limited to 1111 tickets per month.

Because it is exciting for an incredibly broad target group, we also design the marketing measures accordingly to reach everyone from young people to families to senior citizens.

Digital and classic ads

The attractive visual is suitable for colorful print ads as well as eye-catching online ads. Touchpoint-oriented branding playfully allows you to get the most out of the design material.

Public Relations

Various publicity reports and PR contributions in the print media specifically increase interest and thus sales figures time and again. With Half-Fare mailings, the offer demonstrably enjoys growing popularity.

Radio Energy

Collaboration with influencers is not entirely new. But a first time was with 2 testimonials from Radio Energy. So in June Nadia and Soraja went to Locarno with the hit and made social media-effective stops.

Live Promotion Events

But we don't just design and write for the SOB, we also stand energetically at Zurich's main train station and hand out Gazosas, Amaretti and some Mediterranean joy of life. The big promotion campaign is eye-catching and simply fun: Kügeli train, instant prizes and the competition for a weekend in Ticino is positively received by countless passers-by and ensures an equally high number of participants.


Social Media

Thanks to the beauty of the destinations, there is also attractive image material for social media, and so the Treno Gottardo hit attracted with seasonal highlights: blooming camellia park in spring, summer strolling with gelato on Lake Maggiore, warm golden autumn days and the extension of the same in the winter months.

Successfully continue

The Treno Gottardo Hit was able to extend not only the summer and autumn a little. With the annual campaign, many interested people have warmed up to the offer and a steady base noise has come to stay. A new starting position that promises a promising new year and defines new goals. The focus will be on quality, 1st class instead of pure mass, raising awareness and putting the finer aspects in the spotlight.

We can hardly wait for our next trip.
What about you? The hit will be here again soon: