Hoermann Keyvisual Emotional RGBHoermann Keyvisual Emotional RGBHoermann Keyvisual Emotional RGB


A journey from
online banner
to showroom

A digital foot in the door for the POS

Hörmann’s door and gate solutions do not, in and of themselves, have a particularly emotional appeal. We were brought in to help. Our mission was to find new approaches that would encourage more end customers – in addition to the usual architects and planners – to visit the showrooms for a personal consultation.

Hoermann Konfigurator
Hoermann DoorHoermann Door

visitors tried the new CASA online configuration in the first two months

Generating leads through an integrated customer journey

It quickly became clear that an integrated, multi-channel approach was the perfect solution. Our multi-level retargeting concept not only involves several different digital channels – including a new online configurator – but also direct mailing. We even spruced up the showrooms, creating a new presentation unit known as ‘Cubus’. We added emotional appeal by making the door an analogy for new and exciting things with the slogan ‘Open up to life’.