14. July 2022

ID.Buzz - cult object meets digital trend

Limited ID.Buzz NFT Edition for pre-sale

The long-awaited reinvention of the iconic VW Bus is finally available to order: the new ID Buzz. To make this happen at AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG, F/E is launching a pre-sales campaign and combining the limited ID.Buzz NFT Edition - a cult object - with a digital trend.

The ID.Buzz, the first all-electric van from Volkswagen, is eagerly awaited. To ensure that the longing can soon turn into anticipation, F/E is launching a pre-sales campaign together with AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG, with which interested parties can pre-order their van from sales partners.

It’s not just the driving experience that future ID.Buzzers can secure from AMAG, but also 1 of the 50 ID.Buzz NFT Edition as well. By realizing the idea, our 360° marketing agency is bringing AMAG closer to the new all-electric VW bus and giving its appearance a modern digital look at the same time - thanks to NFT.

50 unique design pieces

The current NFT trend is particularly well known in connection with (online) works of art. The acquisition and ownership of a non-fungible token is like a digital certificate of authenticity that is secured and unique with the blockchain data chain. As the iconic ID.Buzz heralds the electric age, the special edition will become a coveted one-off - in both the digital and real world.


Utility for tangible experiences and results

The 50 buyers of the limited ID.Buzz NFT Edition choose their tradable art NFT and can optionally brand this unique design onto their pre-ordered bus. Each design was specially created by the agency and brought to the blockchain together with its digital partner OPTEN AG for the exclusive group of buyers - the first designs can be seen in animations. Beyond the unique, digital artwork, F/E brings the utility of the NFT into play. In addition to the soon-to-be-launched wheel, the 50 VW Bus fans will also hold the key to a special package in their hands: with VIP tickets, electronic gadgets and other surprises.


ID.Buzz NFT unique designs

Performance for awareness and leads

Continuously optimized performance marketing and a closely meshed customer journey together with AMAG Automobil und Motoren AG up to the conclusion of the contract guarantee measurability and combine the two campaign goals: Pre-orders and increasing awareness of AMAG as an innovative sales partner. The correspondingly adapted multi-channel communication measures with a digital focus are designed for a broad, NFT- and non-NFT-affine audience. The mix of search, social and banner ads supplemented with radio presence, activation competitions and the company's own channels appeals to a broad target group.