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Migros Bank

Employer branding for the banking of tomorrow

Our task

A top employer that embodies its values

A new strategy, new branding and, for the first time, a clearer and more externally visible employer profile: we’re working with Migros Bank to develop strong employer branding. Together, we’ve defined values, developed new corporate language and imagery – including a totally new careers page – and digitally marketed available vacancies to attract talent that can shape the banking of tomorrow and to achieve the top spot in the most important HR rankings.




is how much the Migros Bank improved in the BEST RECRUITERS ranking thanks to strategic Employer Branding within four years – from 115th place to the top position in both the industry and overall rankings. Double Gold!

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To celebrate the new employer branding, we created a special drink for the internal launch. It takes on the colours of the new branding when mixed, and was a big hit on Instagram. Now that’s how you do cultural transfer – cheers!

An eventful journey from application to retirement

We examined every touchpoint that connects applicants and employees with Migros Bank – around 80 in total – and redesigned them to fit with the new employer story, ‘Life on the cutting edge’. This has resulted in an ever more consistent immersive experience, from the job advert through the interview, welcome day and probation period, to promotion and eventually to leaving the company. The goal is a better employer image and shorter vacancy times.

Values move into the new world of work

Because employer branding works inward first: With the renovation of its headquarters, Migros Bank is designing a new working environment that makes room for flexible, mobile working. With a functioning overall concept for over 700 workplaces, we are creating individual spaces with names that reflect the culture and values of the company. With themed meeting rooms, creative spaces and coffee corners, an innovative and inspiring environment is created that promotes collaboration and invites a sense of well-being.

See and learn more in Interior Insight:

Rethinking online recruiting

We’re redesigning the careers page, producing videos about the five values and other topics, reworking the interview presentation and welcome day from the ground up, introducing cool gift cards for a variety of events and creating new corporate imagery. But that’s far from all: we’re also using a new social recruiting approach to market jobs to precisely the right target groups online, increasing the volume of suitable applications. We’re joining our client in life on the cutting edge.

‘We achieved silver in the “Best Recruiters” ranking long before we were even close to the end of our employer branding journey with F/E. This exciting collaboration with its regular exchanges allows us to find the best solutions for our bank and implement them quickly and reliably.’

P. Wolf, Head of Human Resources