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26. July 2023

Value-fully furnished

We help to shape the new world of work
and make it alive

Things get personal at the largest back office location: We create, design and name new spaces that are original and yet always connected to the culture and values of Migros Bank. This creates space for creativity, productivity and interaction, individually implemented and interwoven with a strong identity.

With our rolled-up sleeves, we set about developing individual naming concepts and thematic ideas for dozens of meeting rooms, creative spaces and coffee corners for Migros Bank's new workspaces. In this context, the new working world describes the all-round renovation of the back office location in Wallisellen, where new room concepts promote modern and flexible working and thus fully comply with the principles of "New Work".

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Giving names, topics and meaning

We are carefully tackling the challenge of designing a stringent overall concept for around 700 workplaces on a pilot site and right at the foundation: with an intensive examination of the culture, values and identity of Migros Bank. How good, then, that we are developers and true connoisseurs of their employer branding! For almost three years now, we have been supporting Migros Bank in this process and we know: The design of interior spaces is a strong factor in this - because employer branding first has an inward effect. The goal is to create spaces in which values such as collaboration and innovation can be lived credibly and strengthen the bond with Migros Bank.


workplaces need a functioning overall concept.


rooms receive an individual name.

Meeting rooms, but very different

By giving each room a specific topic, it makes culture and values more tangible and individually experienced by employees and guests. In doing so, we create an innovative, inspiring environment that promotes collaboration and encourages reflection. An overview into the 20 or so planned themed rooms shows how we do this:


Topic: Having space, collaborating & experiencing

We want to create surprising spaces that encourage creativity and productivity and invite people to feel good and discover. The diversity of the topics reflects that of Migros Bank. Functionality stands for the practical, uncomplicated and needs-oriented human side. Selected furnishing elements and decorations create small Migros Bank worlds that can be experienced.

Creative from Fully to Furgglenfirst

Creative Spaces are places to collaborate and be creative. The naming concept is inspired by Switzerland's down-to-earthness, uniqueness and diversity and takes the form of place name signs. Well-known and hidden cultural places in the country adorn the walls, while creative questions developed by employees conjure up ideas from the minds.

Very important: Coffee

"Last but" certainly "not least", we upgrade the 11 Coffee Corners and give them exclusivity and radiance with coffee variety names and illuminated letters. Cozy, practical, and with a focus on labeling, we create exchange and enjoyment corners that are attractive thanks to warm light and the soft colors of the coffee.

Refurbish pleases and continues

The reactions are positive throughout, people feel comfortable in the new working environment. In addition to the pilot area in Wallisellen, the first branch in Winterthur has already adopted the same concepts. A great motivation and good prospects for everything that is still to come: construction stages 3-8 are still in the planning stage and will be implemented one after the other. In total, there are around 20 meeting rooms with an individual theme, 90 rooms for quiet, creative or collaborative work waiting to be named, and 11 coffee corners. And so, full of coffee and motivation, we are also tackling the upcoming square meters.

‘Customer-oriented, open and creative - ideas that excite and inspire.’

Bettina Solci, Subproject Manager Facility Management

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