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16. December 2021

Giddy Anticipation

Santa Claus goes Migros Bank

Migros Bank has had an exciting and successful year. Naturally, we felt and celebrated with them and even took the reins of the reindeer sleigh with a clever idea - because there was nothing less at stake than Santa Claus. Ho ho ho.

In the middle of the Advent season, there was childlike excitement at the Migros Bank locations. Unexpectedly, Santa Claus snowed in and visited one team after another, right across the country. He brought the obligatory praise and blame tailored to each team, bags full of goodies to surprised and happy faces. Behind the 158 visits in total, carried out by 15 brave Santas, was F/E, the head gnomes. Conceptually, organizationally, and communicatively. In addition to the visit tour, our tasks also included organizing various gifts for each employee. We put together almost 2,000 presents, filled with almost half a ton of nuts, 500 portions each of chestnuts and roasted almonds, 80 kilos of walnuts, around 25,000 Chocolates and a juicy 110 kilos of mandarins. And because there can never be enough wintry treats, a Christmas tableau provided even more festive cheer at the headquarters in Wallisellen - where, incidentally, the management received a visit from our very own Santa Claus & Schmutzli.

Because THAT, dear friends, is the epitome of a 360-degree full-service agency - experiences & entertainment included.

How we became elves

Migros Bank expressed the wish to thank all its employees for their commitment during a special year. Apart from the special situation affecting all of us, the bank has undergone a complete rebranding. Building on this, we have been supporting Migros Bank for over a year in sharpening its employer branding. This has made communication more personal, approachable, and value-centered - with humanity as the highest and most relevant value lived out daily. All of this flowed into the brainstorming process with a holistic result: a tried-and-tested custom full of tradition that focuses on the human element, that simply accepts individuals as they are - reimagined as a refreshing, modern experience.

Our DNA is so culturally compatible.


When it came to implementing the measures, we really worked hard and held the reindeer sleigh reins together for weeks. The agency became a Secret Santa workshop and test center for everything from sacks and nuts to filling straw and hay. We were driven by our confidence in ourselves and motivated by the thought of bringing a little joy to so many people. In the end, we embarked on the journey together and naturally became part of our customer's world. Yes, effort and work are always worthwhile, and in the spirit of Gottfried Duttweiler, all that remains to be said is:

"To succeed is to give, to give again and again;
You can't prevent it from coming back."


And of course for your support and trust:

Thank you very much, Migros Bank.