22. April 2023

This is how we cook backstage

An insight into the final of le Cuisinier d’OR 2023

We take you with us - Backstage, Behind the Scenes, into the preparations of the final of le Cuisinier d’OR 2023 in the Kursaal Bern. Armed with his cell phone, Samuel Röthlisberger shows you the exciting and surprising moments of this major event, which thrilled more than 1,000 people on site and captivated the entire audience of Blick TV over the past weeks. Click through the video snippets and breathe some event air with us. It will do you good.

An Eagle Eye above the cooking pots

It's such a special camera that we brought it in from Germany, along with two pilots. Attached to four cables across the room, the unique installation delivers images directly from the cooking pot - for a unique experience on the big screen for all guests on site and for impressive proximity for the viewers on Blick TV.

The candidates prepare

he 5 finalists and their commis have 30 minutes to set up their kitchens. So the nervousness of preparation is not only noticeable for us and the technicians, but also for the protagonists. They take their own kitchen equipment with them and have their own special techniques for keeping to their schedule, for example with specially programmed apps. Now the tension in the air is palpable!

Direction is key

The threads of the hybrid event come together in 3 control rooms. Of course, every event is timed, but for le Cuisinier d’OR, timing is the essence of the entire event, along with the cooking ingredients. That's why the countdowns have to be staged even more than usual and implemented with pinpoint accuracy - come live to the video direction and experience the moment of the first countdown of the final day!

Our Grande Finale: We broadcast live on Blick TV

Phu, the final is over and the winner has been chosen - for us, the work continues. During the whole day, we already cut ad hoc short reviews together and set them directly to music. On the one hand as suspense-generating live reviews for the event audience and the jury in the Kursaal, on the other hand as the overall summary of the whole day, which is streamed live on Blick TV two hours after the rank reading. We send the pictures and scenes directly from our editing suite to the Blick TV network - Lars explains how it works.

The result: emotion, surprise, joy!

We are incredibly proud of our entire team, thank our client KADI for the close and energetic collaboration, and everyone else who put their heart and soul into making this special event so passionate.