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10. November 2022

Are you still waiting or already planning?

About events in the winter half year

Fear of recurring corona restrictions for events in the winter months is high. There are signs of a reduction of the live event year from 12 to 9-6 months (R.I.F.E.L study, 2022) - but this does not necessarily apply to digital live events with FE Motion. Thanks to the company's own TV studio, productions whose event worlds are completely digitally recreated and brought to life on 90m2 LED can be realized all year round by FE Motion - even in the winter half-year potentially affected with measures. 

Purely digitally or hybrid produced events have the advantage over live events that, due to the smaller number of people on site (staff + audience), they are less affected by the cost increases described in R.I.F.E.L (2022) as a result of corona hygiene concepts, due to the increased space required to maintain minimum distances, increasing personnel and material expenses for cleaning, disinfection and admission controls as well as data acquisition. 

Likewise, digital or hybrid events enable corona-anxious individuals to participate in the event in a purely digital manner. The same applies to (foreign) speakers, who can easily be integrated online into the digital live event in the event of travel restrictions. 

As you can see, nothing stands in the way of your event in the winter half-year with FE Motion - on the contrary! We look forward to getting to know you and your crazy ideas. 

We are convinced that this winter half year will be more exciting, creative and interactive than ever.

Let's talk about your event!