Migros Bank Jubiläum Foto Hinter TitelMigros Bank Jubiläum Foto Hinter TitelMigros Bank Jubiläum Foto Hinter Titel

11. October 2023

A dignified
thank you for the anniversary.

For the 65th anniversary event,
Migros Bank expresses gratitude to its employees.

Immerse yourself in a world full of laughter, excitement and childhood memories. For Migros Bank's anniversary event, we brought the magic of a fair to life, focusing on the 1300 employees from conception to execution. A lovingly crafted event, meticulously organized by F/E.

In keeping with its culture, the 65th anniversary of Migros Bank is all about people. As an employer branding companion for the past three years, we understand the importance of this event as a crucial touchpoint that we are now privileged to implement alongside the bank. Without a doubt, it is the employees who make the company's success possible. They are to be celebrated and honored at the event, while having a good and unforgettable time. A cheerful fair theme was chosen, and the fair became the motif, with a variety of enchanting elements that recalled childhood memories.

Band Loft

A ride on the carousel and a trip down memory lane, please!

How do you turn an entire trade show into a compact event format? To create an authentic fair atmosphere, we design a captivating signage element - a carousel specially created for the event. Its sight evokes childhood memories as it has always been associated with joy, fun and a touch of magic.

During the event, this familiar feeling of well-being from the past mixes with new impressions and, voila, is stored in a positive way. In addition, the epitome of fun and happiness doubles as a revolving stage and center of attention. Positioned in the heart of the audience, it brings everyone together and places all performers on an equal footing.


Corporate-Carpet & Jetons

For some, walking the red carpet may still be a childhood dream. To make guests feel especially appreciated and to let them know that they are really being celebrated and honored, we roll it out: The wide carpet in the colors of Migros Bank gives employees a fitting entrance. Then they can finally play and collect jetons for the nostalgic Migros trolley. The jetons serve as currency and are happily used in the generously stocked Migros trolley.

Building excitement, Event 2.0 style

In the weeks leading up to the event, Migros Bank employees receive a steady stream of insights and information to build excitement for the upcoming highlight. They are involved in the organization and have the opportunity to audition as musical acts. In preparation, all participants receive sheet music and visuals, which they perform together on the evening of the event. A goosebump-inducing moment captured for the employees.

Impressions of an amazing evening:

Band Rooftop

breathtaking moments

THE HALL proves to be the ideal, versatile venue. It comes to life like never before with more than 100 helpers in action. Every nook, cranny, terrace and outdoor space is filled with elements that spark the imagination and enchant the senses.

Fire pits on the patio roast snake bread and chocolate-covered bananas, and marshmallows begin to melt, sweetly filling the air. For a midnight snack, ground beef with macaroni and applesauce is served with a clear view of the starry sky.

Who doesn't remember their childhood?

We and many others will remember this highlight in the history of Migros Bank for a long time. We are go together, and hopefully there will be many more anniversaries to come.


"The success story of Migros Bank began 65 years ago with a small team of three employees. Last week, we celebrated with more than 1,300 colleagues from all over Switzerland. After a journey through history and a glimpse into the future, our employee bands rocked the stage.

Manuel Kunzelmann, CEO Migros Bank