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02. April 2023

SOB: make tram into train

Why Traverso
now travels right across Zurich.

We gave a VBZ tram the look of the Schweizerische Südostbahn AG. The Cobra streetcar, disguised as a Traverso train, travels across Zurich all year round and draws attention to the three most beautiful connections across Switzerland.

On April 1, we unveiled, but no joke: The Cobra-type VBZ streetcar transforms into the Traverso train type of Schweizerische Südostbahn AG (SOB). We are reworking the copper-colored exterior as well as the elaborate interior design from scratch.

3 Lines in 1 Tram

In the Tram, we unite "the most beautiful connections" between nature and culture, between north and south, and from city to country and river - the three tourist lines that we have been supporting for three years with several cross-media campaigns each year. The Voralpen-Express, the Treno Gottardo and the IR Aare Linth now travel not only across Switzerland, but also through its largest city. Free the track!

Photo Credits: Dominic-Studer, Twitter

Dominic Stucki Twitter
Dominic Stucki Twitter

Diverse inner values

When boarding, colorful images from the current campaigns depict the routes from the sandy Ticino beach to the cobblestones in St. Gallen's old town. Inside, passengers will find various hit offers and inspiration for excursions, learn about the comprehensive range of routes and experiences, and can immerse themselves in the diversity of the three most beautiful lines. Postcards with the campaign images are always available as giveaways.

Feagentur SOB Tram

Riding the Tram almost like a vacation

During the ride on the SOB tram, passengers' longing and desire to travel are awakened, the image of the most beautiful connections is strengthened, awareness is increased and the Traverso train and its iconic copper tone are placed as a modern and comfortable tourist train.

A real eye-catcher!

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A flagship on rails

The target group now learns about the SOB's popular, diverse offerings directly on the streetcar, as the full branding enables direct communication. In addition, the cross-line and cross-campaign measure serves to anchor the service locally. Reto Ebnöther from SOB explains it best: "With our Traverso in Zurich, we want to bring the people of Zurich closer to SOB and its tourist lines such as the Treno Gottardo, the Voralpen-Express and the IR Aare Linth," says Reto Ebnöther, Head of Marketing and Sales at SOB.

The unusual tram-traverso swap will last until November 30. The vehicle will be used on various Züri-lines, giving each of them the opportunity to become the most beautiful connection themselves.

All aboard and experience for yourself.