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31. August 2023

Das war abge-Baden-fahren!

A shimmering review of ten extraordinary days

That was 100 years of the Badenfahrt. During the big festival, we jumped into the fray, proved ourselves as guides and insiders and experienced the city and its people from a unique perspective. These are the highlights, the most beautiful moments and the most unique encoun

As a homebased agency with good taste and a flair for good receptions, we extend lively invitations to our offices on Rütistrasse during the working week. For this, favourite clients and partners are given the opportunity to sign up for the F/E package. In addition to the warmest welcome and coolest warm-up, the package also includes the obligatory band (festival pass) and a disposable camera for fun snapping away and waiting in anticipation for the results. This will prevent any film tears, and the medicinal supplement to go will alleviate the headache - all in practical little bags painted with love by us.

Every working day, we are happy to welcome guests who start their trip to the spa with us - or with us. Our interpretation of the NEO motto has been consistently implemented, and the office looks good in yellow and blue. The internally designed BadenF/Ehrt beer quenches thirst, Spanish rolls prepare a solid ground and tattoos lend individual removable coolness when you take off.

Whether dancing through the town in small but mighty Gspähnli groups, venturing with customers and friends through the alleyways and stall offerings while being enchanted by creative constructions, the sea of lights and seductive scents - every visit was a unique one.

The review is almost over. But before the festival even began, F/E's informative service was of course there to get you in the mood: well-founded and guessed facts from history to insider info, supplemented by current and upcoming highlights.

Whether you think differently about the content in retrospect, you would have preferred to know some of it beforehand or you simply want to reminisce, this is the way to go:

Badenfahrt and why you have to go

Fasten your seatbelts, Badenfahrt is soon


Thank you Baden. Thank you for the visit and the special time together. See you again in five years and then: Let Badenfahrt!