24. February 2022

Last Christmas, we gave
you a card…

A look back at F/E Christmas – reactions to the campaign

As 2021 slowly came to an end, our F/E Christmas campaign was in full swing. While messages and gifts found their way to their recipients, we asked what you thought and eagerly awaited responses. In the new year, we received feedback and figures so pleasing that we just have to share them.

It all started with a card wrapped in a ribbon sent to our customers and partners by post. A QR code took them to a humorous video that turned out differently to how it was planned, but nevertheless served its purpose: getting the answers to a few questions in order to prepare the perfect gift.


We sent a card to 333 people.

200 people

watched the video.

100 people

listened to us for

8 minutes

and watched the video until the end. Eight minutes!

Of which

178 people

completed the survey on the landing page and thus provided input for their own gift.

Off you go, parcels!

Each gift was wrapped and posted along with another message. Before opening their gift, the recipients watched another video in which we sent them our best wishes for the festive season. Then it was time to get unwrapping.

Episode 1 – Generisch (720P)

A total of


people watched the video on the second landing page until the end.


couldn’t get enough, and even watched the second video in full.

We accepted the gift selection of



Our wish to meet expectations, to offer a small experience and to bring joy to many people came true. We were motivated to make this a success from the very beginning, but the statements and evaluations confirm our impression about just how great it was.

We’d like to thank everyone who joined us on the digital-analogue journey. May the new year be like a wild sleigh ride in the sunshine.

P.S.: As a treat, here is the musical and cinematic highlight from the end of the year:

3 E