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19. January 2024

In search of experiences

Using the example of the F/E Team Day 2024

And how do you turn your team day into an experience?

When does a moment become an experience? To find out, we are sent on a surprising journey on F/E Team Day 2024. We have developed a recipe that tastes good to us. And perhaps it will also inspire you to break out of the usual "workshopping" routine with your team. We will take you on a varied day and invite you to discuss your team event with us.

The actual starting signal is given the evening before, when each of us is allowed to open our physical invitation at exactly 5 pm. From the individual envelopes we receive, we find out where and when we start the next morning - and it is by no means the same place for everyone.

The next day, a beautiful but icy winter's day, we set off at half past eight in small groups, spread across various Starbucks in the city of Zurich. The team leaders, designated the evening before via a group chat, are already waiting and invite us to a delicious coffee - from the extra pocket money we have received, of course. While sipping coffee and performing the first task, we discuss which experiences in the recent past were particularly memorable and why.

After an hour in the coffee house, each group receives a video message with a mission: to buy a specific part for lunch on a given budget. "Challenge accepted", we think and swarm out into snowy Zurich.

Interestingly, many of them head to the nearby weekly market on B├╝rkliplatz - we are real foodies! However, when money gets tight, some groups turn to supermarkets. Meanwhile, we keep an eye out for the characteristics of an experience: how is shopping at the traditional weekly market or in supermarkets designed for the mainstream made palatable to us? We record our impressions and deliberate staging in photographs before making our way to the next stop with the delicatessen.

The teams arrive (more or less on time) at THE HALL in Stettbach. In new group formations, it's time to prepare lunch. We chop, slice, fry and mix and reinterpret the contents of many a shopping bag. Before lunch starts, we head to the stage with dip and vegetable sticks, where we listen to exciting, passionate, experience-oriented, big-hearted and visionary inputs about the values of F/E.

Hungry but inspired, we enjoy the lovingly and originally prepared food. The subsequent digestive walk is immediately combined with the next item on the program: In groups of two, we stroll through the magical snowy landscape and discuss a given topic for a good part of an hour.

Back at THE HALL studio, the groups are shuffled again, animated workshopping begins - and ends in a guided discussion in which insights and practical steps from the morning's input are shared for our everyday work.

In a good mood, excited and full of impressions, we make our way to Greifensee, where we are served dinner in the warmly themed "Zum Hutmacher" restaurant. We immerse ourselves in another world and round off the evening with good food and good company - finally all three F/E locations are together in one place again.

Our conclusion: Definitely an eventful day. Why? Because individual moments intertwined and surprised, had personal relevance and, last but not least, were emotionally charged. Nobody will forget Team Day 2024 very soon.