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04. July 2022

Mastering moments and embedding experiences

Immersive, all-inclusive communication

What do we mean by all-inclusive experiences? We made a promise in 2021 that we’ve fulfilled many times over to this day: F/E makes a difference by uniting horizontal and vertical marketing measures to elevate experiences to all-new heights. Providing services with proven results – it’s what we stand for. Here’s what we do:

Many events still bring the wow factor to audiences, but only in isolation. They are just a blip on the timeline, an outlier that we circle on the calendar. These events are bolted on rather than woven into the overall texture of the year, or longer. We saw the underutilised potential here, and started to actively seek out the new opportunities that go with it.

We believed the time had come to look at these situations in a new light and use them to conjure lasting experiences. Why? Because we feel that horizontal marketing and communication measures go hand in hand with vertical event highlights. They are, as we say, cut from the same precious cloth. We don’t just elevate events – we go deep. Our events hook people emotionally, creating a basis from which to reach them again and again, to build bridges of communication and to maintain and reinforce contact.

Our recipe: One team

So it’s lucky that we are experts in both the horizontal and vertical. We have FE Agentur, the experienced marketing and communication hub which develops advertisements and sophisticated designs, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. And then we have the newcomer FE Motion, which takes major events and makes them bigger, bolder and more intense. It has one year of operation behind it yet ample experience thanks to production luminary Samuel Röthlisberger. Together, our two branches are a dream team that creates genuine, immersive brand experiences with emotionally charged messages that linger long in the memory. We unite events with communication across all channels – in terms of both time and location – to generate customer lifetime value that is demonstrably greater and longer lasting. Here’s what you can expect:

Fe Motion Team 2022

F/E doesn’t just think up, it thinks through.

Experiences are immersive rather than hybrid. We’re not interested in dipping our toes in. We want to dive right in. And we do this by combining all the departments we need: external communication, internal communication, event management, customer service, marketing, HR and business development. This approach means we can craft a unique language across the entire brand.  

Together, horizontal and vertical unite to create worlds that people understand and craft moments that define the brand experience. Designing, shaping and building on these moments is what we do best. Physical, hybrid or virtual reality – we conjure up bold worlds where people and experiences exist side by side. Our customers’ customers are happy to talk about brands and services more often, for longer – and to stay loyal to them.