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Branding for the
pinnacle of exclusivity

Our task

A sublime appearance for sublime craftsmanship

From Gstaad to Moscow and the French Riviera to New York, Zbären kitchens can be found in some of the most luxurious homes on the planet. When it comes to kitchens, no idea is too exclusive and nowhere in the world is too far away for Zbären. We help the company to meet its high global standard by providing comprehensive strategic support, creating visual materials exclusive to Zbären, and shaping its global marketing efforts.

The only option is extravagance

The best argument for choosing a Zbären kitchen? Every single one of them upholds the brand’s values. And that’s why only the most exclusive imagery can do justice to the traditional craftsmanship and extravagant materials that go into these kitchens. That means quality photos for the website, the brand’s digital presence and beyond (including beautiful coffee-table books).


The mountain setting of Zbären’s location in Lenk provided the inspiration for our marketing

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«We appreciate the personal, spontaneous and dedicated approach taken by FE Agentur. Working together is about going beyond the boundaries of business; we also see it as a chance to enrich yourself on a personal level.»

Benjamin Zbären, CEO and owner