Brand strategy and digital strategy
as drivers of consolidation

A digital presence for a global market disruptor

As a leading global player in cloud-based construction and engineering software, Thinkproject is constantly expanding and integrating new businesses. A new website with perfect SEO and an optimised visitor experience was required in order to consolidate the image of the 9 companies and reinforce the organisation’s digital presence.

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Understanding the client from AECO to SaaS

With Thinkproject, we really started at A - for AECO, the abbreviation for the area of "Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation". In strategy workshops with senior management, we developed the foundations for all subsequent marketing activities and bundled them into our storytelling framework.


meetings until go-live of the new website

Splitscreen ThinkprojektSplitscreen Thinkprojekt

1 website, 7 languages, 9 companies, 26 weeks

From kick-off to go-live, we delivered 524 subpages in less than half a year. We couldn’t have done it without agile project management. For the main part, design development and technical implementation happened simultaneously, which freed up time for in-depth SEO analysis and customer interviews. A technical trick that essentially involved setting up a direct interface for the translation service provider helped speed up the multilingual aspect of the project.

Animation as dynamic as construction software

How better to showcase the vision of Thinkproject than by using animations with emotional appeal? The dynamic short sequences explain what the company credo #constructionintelligence means – and, above all, its global impact, as summed up in the motto ‘We help construct a better world.’

«We knew from the start that we needed strong partners to deliver our new global web presence in just six months. FE was that partner. They adapted perfectly to our needs, were incredibly flexible and managed the project prudently and on time.»

Marisol Blest, Director Brand and Digital