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A fresh look
for fresh milk.

One design:
from farm to fulfilment.

Our fresh, sleek redesign and corresponding marketing strategy are intended to reflect the word that best sums up Biomilk’s relationship with nature: harmony.

We tell the story of the milk, from farm to fulfilment. The Biomilk journey on the website covers everything, from the individual herds and dairies to the yoghurt in the chilled aisle. Storytelling at its purest – authentic and close to nature, just like the company itself.


packaging solutions: the fruit of our design labour

FE Website Biomilk Bilder FinalwebFE Website Biomilk Bilder Finalweb

Bold, dynamic imagery and packaging

We used photos of cows and sheep on idyllic farms to create an authentic, expressive visual identity for all online and offline activities. We also paid close attention to every detail when designing the product labels, as this is what links the milk, yoghurt, desserts, etc. together in the chilled aisle as part of the same strong selection.

Interior design also tells a story

The creative interior design of the new milk production facility in Worb highlights the story from farm to fulfilment. As they head to the reception area, visitors go on the Biomilk journey, which gives them a glimpse of the brand’s unique identity and USPs.

«We turned to FE Agentur to help with our company’s redesign and were reward-ed with a team that was young, willing to learn, open and constructive. This allowed us to work together well and make good progress on our project. Thank you!»

Marcel Schär, CEO