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BioKraftstoff –
a brand with power.

Working with Alnatura from Migros and organic food producer Hosberg, we quickly turned out a bold brand for organic take-away food. From the name to the story to the label design, we pursue a single goal: we create a convincing, appealing brand that becomes an experience especially thanks to its product diversity from the entire food and beverage range.

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A social campaign for people to sink their teeth into

BioKraftstoff tells customers the entire story of where their (organic) food comes from. These stories come into play wherever there is a need for a consistent and compelling brand experience: in the development of the brand name, design of the packaging, successful social media campaigns and at the POS.

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powerful story deployed across all channels

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«FE Agentur worked with us from the start, as we created the first ideas for names and through to the final label for a new organic food brand. It has become a fixture of the Alnatura range, thanks to its creative lightheartedness, and has attracted plenty of industry attention in just a few months. Outstanding work!»

Jonas Reinhard, Managing Director hosberg AG