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Attractive marketing
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Our task

Explaining in style

A core product calls for a unique web presence. It also requires its own platform. All-inclusive leasing service AMAG LeasingPLUS turned to us to provide this – and we found a way to do it that was informative, fun and stylish.

AMAG Mockup Broschuere

We’ll take the lot, please

We left no marketing channel unturned for AMAG LeasingPLUS and adopted a consistent, comprehensive and uniform approach in the process. The key visual reflects the product and offers recall value; the brochures and flyers are clear and simple to understand; video and online ads allow the brand to deliver more than just a single message; and inspired giveaways create added value.

16X9 AMAG Leasing

users have played ‘LeasingPLUS Race’ at the Auto Zürich Car Show and online

AMAG Leasing Game Karte Final Programmierung 01AMAG Leasing Game Karte Final Programmierung 01

Appealing to a customer’s inner child through gamification

The website conveys complex, technical content in a clear, simple way. Meanwhile, an online game – called ‘LeasingPLUS Race’ – serves as a fun yet informative tool through which to inform the customer of the product benefits. The addictive nature of the game facilitates strong customer contact both online and offline (such as at the trade fair stand at the Auto Zürich Car Show), and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

«Our collaboration with FE Agentur has made us bolder and more distinctive in the way we use visual advertising. What we find especially rewarding is how we can work with the team to develop ideas, and feel listened to and understood in the process. This leads to constructive teamwork that benefits both us and our customers.»

Patrick Frauchiger, Head of Sales & Marketing