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24. March 2022

Year of the buffalo and the team

2021: A whimsical look back

New year, new luck? First, let's take a look back. With excerpts from our internal Weekly Updates. Because no matter what the week brought and what kept us busy, our electronic mailbox always had the right words in it on Monday.

2021: The F/Emily is growing. It is scattered between home offices, Baden and Düsseldorf, and is breaking new ground with FE Motion. That rocks! And it brings the challenge of how we can still live our culture, maintain our spirit, keep everyone up to date. How we recognize achievements, share feedback. And above all, stay connected. As one way to do this, Dominic and Christoph's Weekly Updates have become institutionalized: A weekly wisdom that touches, motivates, informs, amuses, irritates and simply cannot be missed.

That's why we present you our year with a few selected pearls from our Weekly Updates. A truly authentic retrospective.