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20. September 2023

Pre-branding for the town creamery

New logo & look for new-dairy-products in Zurich

Got cheese? Branding light for the milk business

Zurich is finally to have a creamery (again). A team of passionate farmers and cheesemakers is tackling this promising idea - with us at their side. To appeal to potential partners and investors, we develop an appetizing pre-branding, accompanied by a mature brand story that convinces the nutrition-conscious urban city dwellers as a target group. Initial impressions of a potential blue-ripe launch product spice up the branding development.

Development of design - and cheese

Before the official market launch takes place, a branding light is created that arouses the interest of those hungry for investment and introduces itself in a personal, appealing way. A convincing story serves as the basis for the pre-branding of a current, solid new brand. To this end, not only the 'molkerei zürich' is given a convincing look, but also its products. A prototypical product design and naming concept are used to create the corporate design manual for the Stadtmolkerei and initial impressions of 'Zürcher Blau', the potential signature cheese.