09. November 2023

When brands blossom

A colorful garden of fertile measures

A flourishing business and many good ideas form the starting point of Gartenkultur AG. To ensure that the seeds sprout, we lend a hand with the gardening and help with the targeted planting. This is how we cultivate a brand:

The scent of freshly mown grass and fresh lavender are in the air. The flickering fire ring wraps the garden in romantic evening light and people relax in the cozy lounge - a sight to behold and a place to enjoy. The Gartenkultur AG conjures up exactly such oases of well-being in the Bern region. To ensure that the reputation of the garden design company continues to grow, we optimize its marketing measures and drive its branding forward. We start with the roots.

Gk Logo 2

Digging up everything once

Since it is a well-known fact that roots must be healthy, we start with two workshops that culminate in a brand audit. We conduct a detailed Ā«health checkĀ» and get a feel for the brand and the current starting position. From this we derive recommendations for action, which for Gartenkultur mean repositioning and its consistent implementation. We come across pleasantly fertile ground: many good approaches, a comprehensive marketing diploma thesis and a flourishing business exist. What is missing is a plan to implement all this, to bring it into line and to think ideas through.

Brand spring

For a few months now, we have been accompanying Gartenkultur in the design and implementation of this annual plan, which is already beginning to blossom. A successful mix of topics and a well-thought-out multichannel strategy, up-to-date and specifically chosen communication channels such as blog posts and newsletters, the further development of the website with an improved user experience - step by step, the brand is blossoming in full glory. Together with Gartenkultur, we write their story, show emotions and faces, and bring the brand to life.