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03. August 2023

Badenfahrt and why you must go.

An informative service by F/E

Baden is great and celebrates 100 years of Badenfahrt in 2023. And whether you're a die-hard fan full of anticipation or a newcomer who only understands Badhof - here at last is everything you need to know about one of Switzerland's biggest folk festivals. Dive in and look forward!

We'd like to take old Baden fans or newcomers by the hand, go on a journey of discovery in advance and get everyone in the mood for anticipation.


What can you expect? Quite a lot!

  • A tip in advance: come during the week and party like us, the locals. Or come with us!
  • Numerous original pubs run by local associations, designed with a lot of love, ingenuity and each with its own motto.
  • Delicious specialities and special dishes instead of 0815 food stalls, lovingly prepared and run by private individuals and small businesses
  • Music directly at the source: live concerts in the beautiful new Bäderquartier, blues and jazz on the Limmat and a mobile road stage.
  • A giant theatre! Shows to laugh heartily or be enchanted by, performed by local talent and perfectly framed by culinary delights.
  • From the Around the World Ferris wheel to the indoor roller coaster and Willy the Worm - anyone who loves Chilbi will lose their heart anew here
  • Crazy buildings and constructions, specially developed for the Badenfahrt, thought out down to the smallest detail and up to four storeys high.

Every centimetre of the city is cleverly used and transformed. See for yourself:

(Image copyright: Badenfahrt.ch)

10 remarkable facts in a snackable list

Baden rocks - we wouldn't be here if it were otherwise. But Baden is not only our home base, it is a fascinating city with a unique history and tradition. Yes, almost every town claims this, but none celebrates it as brilliantly as the people of Baden at the famous Badenfahrt. So let's delve further into the key data, which are quite impressive.

Voila, a few historical facts about the Badenfahrt and the city. No guarantee, but very true. If you miss the Badenfahrt now, it's your own fault.

See you in the sinful spa town of Baden at the marriage market with Spanish rolls and in the midst of bubbling thermae - most likely taps. We are looking forward to it!


The Badenfahrt is special. It only takes place every ten, later every five years, and the anticipation is correspondingly great. Parallel to this, the FOMO of those who are not yet planning to come should also grow.


Since 1972 and 1982, Badenfahrten have taken place every 5 years, which would be the "small" ones. Understandable, why should one do without something so great for a decade?


The name first appeared in 1514, when European nobility and Confederate elites were already travelling here for the cure in the late Middle Ages, leading to a lively social life. In better circles, it was customary to combine the rehab with looking around or presenting oneself at the marriage market. So if you happen to be at the market yourself: from 18 to 27 August is the time to throw yourself into the fray!


Baden has always been special and somewhat decadent. After the Reformation, the people of Zurich got Zwingli and his strict rules of morality, while Baden, which remained Catholic, gained a reputation as an insider's tip. A kind of wellness Las Vegas, what happens in Baden, stays in Baden.


From 7 August 1847, you travel from Zurich to Baden on Switzerland's first railway line with the Spanish-Brötli-Bahn - and it is still the first morning train from the main station! Officially called the Swiss Northern Railway, it was soon given the cute nickname and the reason is similar: the puff pastry was simply forbidden in Zurich by law and had to be "smuggled in" exclusively from Baden.


Before the Brötli-Bahn, servants of wealthy Zurich families had to set off on foot (!) around midnight to serve fresh Spanish rolls for Sunday brunch. With the train, everything finally changed and what was probably the first commuter train ever was born.


The Spanish rolls, by the way, a speciality of a well-known Baden chef and master baker, are square, sweet and buttery pastries that originally came from Milan, which was occupied by Spain at the time. Filled, however, in true Aargau style with carrots. Mmh, that sounds really sinful...


Back to the Badenfahrt (and the spontaneous visit to the bakery): It was officially held for the first time in 1923, when the end of the First World War was celebrated as a sign of change.


The very first version had the catchy motto "The European Peace Congress", in honour of this very Congress of 1714, the first international one of the Confederation, which took place in Baden. As the saying goes: There is always a reason to celebrate!*


2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the official edition and it will be huge. The motto: NEO- (with hyphen, explicit).

The other mottos were varied: in 1937, for the 90th anniversary of the Spanish-Brötli Railway, the Biedermeier "In the Change of Times" came to life, while in 1947 "Tragen, Schleppen, Fahren" was dedicated to the glorious times with fine costumes. In 1957, it was cancelled due to renovations in the centre, but in 1967 it stepped on the gas again with "Räder machen Leute". In 1972 it was back with "125 Years of the Spanish Roll Railway" and was the first small Badenfahrt. It was followed by "Wasser", "Illusionen", "Bade fahrt ab", "Swiss made", "La Badenfahrt", "Welt statt Baden", "Geschichten Schichten" and finally "Versus" in 2017.