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04. May 2023

Hit production of a music show

How we rocked the music production "The 40..." in THE HALL with CH Media.

When it comes to guaranteed hits, we're never far away: seasons 1 and 2 of the music format "The 40..." were produced in our TV studio in THE HALL. The hit parade show from CH Media Entertainment was looking for a suitable stage and found it with us.

CH Media's streaming service launched a new music format in August 2022 with the hit parade show "The 40...". Presenter Marco Fritsche leads through the show and the ranking, which has a different focus in each episode: from party and swiss hits to sports anthems and love songs. Together with celebrity studio guests such as DJ Bobo, Francine Jordi and Marc Sway, the discussion takes place while live musical acts heat up the audience. In order for the production and broadcast of the show to be a hit in its own right, a suitable studio had to be found that could do a lot. In the search for space for 50-100 live guests, a permanently installed control room and top equipment, the obvious choice was our in-house TV studio in THE HALL.

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digital Data

Looks good, tastes good too!

So far, two entertaining seasons have been successfully produced. Our studio manager, Lars Müller, reliably supervised the recordings and ensured that the technical conditions were right - from the right lighting and good sound to the accurate display of the right content on the LED wall. The server-based data exchange between the client and us made the collaboration much easier.

What is just as essential for both the creative-productive crew and discerning artists' palates is catering. THE HALL Catering took care of this by providing and pampering everyone with small delicacies. If you are what you eat, we were all a real treat.

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The hit machine is running

The technical side of the show was a show in itself: CH Media used Blackmagic cameras for the video recording, which can be hired from us as part of the studio inventory. They don't create dark magic, but a cool look and feel that takes the show to a new visual level. We were also able to inspire CH Media with our idea of a grandstand, which was used for season 2. This offered spectators a direct and unobstructed view of the stage from every seat. A feeling of being right in the middle of the action, part of the whole, immersive.