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16. February 2022

Working for the best

Employer branding for Migros Bank

We’re accompanying an attractive employer on its journey to be the best, with branding that puts people at its heart and lets them experience and live out strong values every day.

Migros Bank underwent a full corporate rebranding over the past year, and we turned our focus to the most decisive element of all: its employees, as well as potential new talent. Strong employer branding creates and strengthens their connection with Migros Bank – with measurable success:


Migros Bank improved by 78 positions in the Handelszeitung’s ‘Best Recruiters’ ranking in just one year thanks to the new employer branding.


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Incredibly comprehensive results

From application through to retirement, there are around 80 direct communicative touchpoints between (potential) employees and Migros Bank. We scrutinised these touchpoints carefully, taking each one into our own hands.

Defined values.


Sent 1730 drinks.


Marketed jobs digitally.


Redesigned the careers page.

Shot plenty of videos.


Got photoshoots off the ground.


And even organised Santa Clauses for St. Nicholas’ Day.

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You can see all this and much more in our customer project:

We’re looking forward to what comes next.
We hope you are too... or have you already put in your application? ;-)