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18. July 2021

We are growing…

7 months – 11 new crew members

Melodi, Gesine, Mustafa, Audrey, Alex, Jana, Taryl, Jael, Laurin, Noemi, Ece – although 2021 is already seven months old, our team has already "aged" by 11 new crew members in the same time.

We owe this increase in new contributors and shapers solely to our customers. Because in the nine years since F/E has started, there has always been only one reason for our growth: the sincere desire to accompany our clients even more comprehensively, more deeply, more intensively, more personally and more competently – now also increasingly in digital content creation, in interactive design and in complex digital campaigns. The recipe for success? Honest relationships and serving craftsmanship – or as we call it in short: "We rise by lifting others".

…with our clients

Whether we are now fully grown? That, too, will be decided by our customers, in the form of trust for new smaller and larger deeds. But at least for the time being, their hunger is not satisfied – and thus our growth is not over. That's why we are still looking for personalities who want to become part of our F/Emily and create experiences for brands and corporate cultures with us.

No suitable job description?

Then convince us spontaneously with your craziness, your organizational talent or your thirst for action. You can convince us of yourself in the form of your choice.

You're not looking for a job at all, but for someone who can do your job even more successfully together with you? Then just give us a call.

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