Sinking our teeth
into marketing

Our task

Driving the dental revolution

We ensured the Swiss brand for dental care is 100% ready for what the future will bring. Our remit was to give Paro’s identity a complete overhaul so the SME could establish itself in a modern market. The streamlined corporate design catches the eye online, in print ads and in dental practices, conveying both the clinical focus of the brand and its progressive identity.

Refining the brand’s online presence

From the outset, we have been advising and assisting the company with all strategic communications matters relating to product launches. This includes creating product websites that push individual products and demonstrate innovative features. We use animated content, product videos with 3D elements and online banners to boost the brand’s online presence.


projects we have realised with Paro

Managing, packaging and marketing innovation

Paro is known for its innovative developments and intelligent products. We work in close collaboration with the brand to develop new, aesthetically pleasing packaging solutions that look attractive in store. In addition to designing the packaging, we shine the spotlight on the products in the web shop. That’s communication support from A to Z.

Paro Slider Grid

«paro® has been able to reposition itself thanks to our clear, straightforward and crea-tive partnership with FE Agentur. Together, we have been able to advertise the company and our new products – such as paro®slider, a world first in dentistry – in modern, innovative ways. Thanks for the excellent collaboration so far.»

Patrick Sutter, General Manager