Basel Area

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Our task

Strong and clearly positioned

Basel Area Business & Innovation is the agency for location promotion and innovation support of the cantons Basel-Landschaft, Basel and Jura. We are the agency for clear information transfer. Basel Area helps startups, institutions and companies from the healthcare industry, life sciences and production technologies to achieve business success. We help with animated, printed and drawn marketing materials. Very bold and multilingual. With a forward-looking, technical subject area that keeps us honestly fit and on the pulse of the times.

Hit the mark

To extend the average attention span a bit, we achieve this with numerous Typo animation videos. Whether 6 seconds or 2.5 minutes - a clear, reduced storyboard from our pen and content-coordinated animations by our partner ix creations capture the viewer and the message is sustainably placed. A system that ensures recognition and can also be expanded as desired.


Projects in 2 years

Basel Area InfografikBasel Area Infografik

A facelift for print

Print is not dead - it is alive and well at Basel Area, especially since our design evolution: with clear color choices, flexible yet recognizable system, with room for air and the tangible future, and always with a clear call to action. In this way, the design underlines Basel Area's open nature and helping hand.

Basel Area Mockup