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Yes, we wool!

How Swisswool is growing naturally with a web store and online campaign.

Swisswool buys and recycles Swiss wool sustainably. Together with Impact Solutions, we handle the installation of the web store for the wool experts and roll out a well-rounded social media campaign.

Swiss sheep's wool is sustainable, genuine, valuable and can be used in any quality - if it is processed correctly. Swisswool buys and uses around 300 tons of the naturally renewable raw material every year and creates innovative products as locally as possible. To purchase these directly on the website, we worked with Impact Solutions to integrate a web store into the site and develop a targeted social media campaign to go with it. Concentrated wool knowledge, exciting stories and top products are now united at one address.

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The campaign is all about know-how and naturalness

While Impact Solutions is adapting and integrating the web store, we are also refreshing the Swisswool image. With clearly defined messages, we brush through the brand and thus form an ideal basis for developing communication measures and launching the campaign. Swisswool positions itself as the wool expert that combines knowledge down to the deepest wool fiber with a love and closeness to raw materials, animals and nature. The social media-focused campaign raises awareness in the period leading up to the "store reopening", consolidates Swisswool as a brand and introduces visitors to extensive wool knowledge and the many benefits of wool products.

The wool product directly in the shopping cart

The subsequent performance campaign is fully geared towards driving traffic to the store and includes both always-on elements and time-limited promotions. The focus is now on products that are highlighted seasonally and generate added value with supplementary content. This includes posts on application ideas, inspiring images and current stories - also accurately placed and optimized with Impact Solutions.

The campaign is running successfully and shows once again: when experts sit down at the loom together, the best stuff still comes out.