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31. March 2022

More child sponsorships thanks to performance marketing

The «Chosen» sponsorship program of the children's charity World Vision turns the perspective around and lets the children choose their sponsors themselves. With a continuously optimized performance campaign and new channels, we find the right donors - who, like us, make a long-lasting commitment to their counterpart.


World Vision gives children the chance to choose for themselves for the first time: They choose their godmothers and godfathers themselves at so-called "Chosen" events based on photos. In close cooperation, we accompany the announcement of the "Chosen" program for a very specific target group. From event to event, from wave to wave, we optimize the online campaign with the existing assets in dynamic collaboration with the client. We improve the landing page and vary the interaction of different channels to increase success. So that the sponsorship remains an experience for the child and the sponsors.