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Stirring. Integrated. Long-lasting. Strategic.

Experience is the goal.

Immersive events

We merge live and digital to bring conventional events into an immersive digital future. We create a physical and digital bond with the audience on a human level with technically sophisticated experiences to engage the senses. 

We design events that bring the wow factor, milestones on the pathway from experience to lasting relationships. Events for participants rather than observers. Carpe eventum, you could say. 

We combine modern technologies with strong brands and convincing stories directed with a discreet but firm hand. This is how we hit the notes that harmonise with the diverse and ever-changing needs of your customers.

What we offer

THE HALL – where new events meet reality

Our home base is THE HALL in Stettbach (near Zurich). We recommend it as a venue in itself, and it also serves as our studio, an essential hub for broadcasting to the world.  

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, designed for digital broadcast and seamlessly networked throughout, THE HALL is a flexible, attractive all-in-one space for your company’s immersive event. The large hall, loft and stylish lounge (with XR studio) offer endless opportunities for bringing people together. Here digital spaces evolve into new, intimate hubs constructed purely of bits and bytes.  

Direction is key

The existing digital event solutions are still far from satisfactory. What is needed now are more innovative ideas, exciting concepts and courageous customers - and, as a basis, a great deal of experience. FE Motion has the goal and, with CEO Samuel Röthlisberger and his 20 years of experience in the industry, also the necessary know-how to become a pioneer and international competence center for "immersive events".

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