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Agentur 18. October 2021

Our book and its background

A F/Emily album with a difference

We have high expectations. Of the future. Of ourselves. Of our future F/Emily members. But what do we mean by ‘high expectations’? For us, it means personality. We have a soft spot for strong characters, and our team is proof of this. In our F/Emily book, everyone gets their say. It’s a milestone in our history – and it sets the tone for our future.

A few weeks ago, we employees were asked what it’s like to work at F/E. We each came up with a short response, being as spontaneous and free in our writing as possible. Simple! We hit the send button and knuckled back down to work. Then, during a teambuilding weekend, we were each given a surprise gift out of the blue – our very own F/Emily book!

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Inspiring people on every page

We delighted in reading the personal responses given by our talented colleagues. What a unique bunch we are! Words like identity, culture and family came up again and again. But fun, spirit, authenticity and inspiration also featured. It made us more aware than ever just how much we live by our values. And how valuable we are as a team. We realised once again that our slogan isn’t just a popular quote – it’s proven to be true over and over again: ‘We rise by lifting others.’ Now in book form.

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Onward and upward

Getting our hands on the F/Emily book was a lovely moment indeed. Things feel great the way they are right now. But staying still is not our style. We’re heading onward with the goal of making the world a little bit better. This is something we discuss and exchange ideas about as a team. Recent additions to the team show how much is possible, and that it can happen sooner than you think. What we need is people who take small steps towards making something great. People who are reflective, genuine, and genuinely friendly. This world moves fast and can be overwhelming at times. But we are not at its mercy. We can make a difference and take on responsibility along the way. So let’s begin with ourselves, keeping joy in our hearts and pouring it into what we do every day. This feeling unites us and is part of our culture – a culture we want to spread and share with others.


We like sharing with others. Pay us a visit and have a look through our F/Emily book. Exclusively on our premises in Baden or Düsseldorf. While you’re here, enjoy a Gschmack coffee on us.


We look forward to seeing you!